Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A small escape.

Just outside of Austin, TX a woman named Sibby created a little escape that could not be more relaxing.  Sibby started a wildly successful bakery in Dallas known as Dallas Affaires.  They make decadent cakes that quickly became a birthday tradition among my friends.  

Now, she’s added cabins to her expansive property at Juniper Hills Farm and offers cooking classes using locally sourced ingredients when possible.

I took a long weekend with a group of ladies and managed to refrain from checking my Blackberry (well, mostly).  On the agenda: lots of wine, a little yoga, sitting by the pool, and cooking an amazing meal under Sibby’s direction.

We stayed in comfortable cabins stocked with house-made granola, milk, and fresh-squeezed juice. Each morning, the cutest little lunch box appeared stuffed with still-warm scones (aaahh).

During our cooking lesson, I took the time to question Sibby on how she manages to run an insanely busy bakery in Dallas while running this Hill Country escape hours away.  How could she leave with so much going on there? Her secret-find someone you trust to run the place while you’re away. Brilliant.

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