Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting physical

My first order of business as I  began to look for that cliché “balance” in my life, was to get healthy.  I had returned from far too many business trips sleep deprived, bloated from too much “winding down” with wine, and feeling guilty about something foul I ate from room service.  Running would become my catalyst. 

I need a goal to consider anything worth doing.  My type A head needs a gold star or I’m just not happy.  And so I began training for the Vancouver Half-Marathon with a fantastic group of ladies through Running Evolution. 

Running is no easy thing to begin.  Three miles in 35 minutes was my humble starting goal.  However, I soon found there is a type of meditation in putting one foot in front of the other and just breathing.  And then there are my hips… 

Oooh, my hips. I’ve spent countless hours plotting their demise.  Now, I’m watching them shrink and growing to love them.  I said it-love them.  Not because they’re smaller, but because they’re strong enough to carry me through eight (soon 10!) miles. I have become grateful for them and actually begun to devote some brain power to keeping them as healthy as possible.

Running is funny like that.  Some will say it’s not good to push your body this way.  But, pushing my body has forced me to eat better, sleep more, drink less, and appreciate the amazing machine that we are.

Next up…adventures in learning to snowboard and trapeze flying.

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